We live on a beautiful planet. Mother earth is providing us with abundance if we live in harmony with it. All our products are 100% copyright by nature. This means that we only use natural organic ingredients, just as nature provides them. We want to be transparent, sustainable, ethical and healthy.
© by nature also naturally means Vegan. A plant based diet has many benefits. It is good for the ecology (if one avoids monocropping), uses up much less water, has a smaller carbon footprint, and aids animal welfare. And it is arguably better for some important aspects of our health.
Happy Coco aims to contribute to a healthy happy planet with healthy happy people.

Organic & More

We are not just vegan and certified organic. We promote biodiversity with a Forest garden concept.

Zero Carbon

We made a lifecycle assessment of all our products. We plant trees to offset the CO2 impact.

Fair Sourcing

We pay fair prices for our products. We also support community building by working with trusted partners.

Sustainable Packaging

Our aim is to have all our packs in biodegradable or compostable quality. We came pretty far already.

Find us in your country.

Click on the store name to visit the store:

Denn’s (Germany, Austria)
Basic (Germany)
LPG Biomarkt (Germany)
Bio Company (Germany)
Globus (Germany)
Vitalia (Germany)

V-markt (Germany)
Bio Vollcorner (Germany)
Naturalia (France)
BioCoop (France)
Odin (Holland)
Ecoveritas (Spain)

Auchan (Portugal)
Aldi (Portugal)
Kesko (Finland)
Alepa, Prisma (Finland)
Citymarket (Finland)
Silpo (Ukraine)

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