Coconut Icecream

Vegan Ice Delight made from organic coconut milk. Coconutty and simply delicious. The texture is creamy, soft, smooth and refined. Available in 120ml and 350ml biodegradable pots.


Choco Heaven

Our Choco Ice Delight has the rich taste of pure chocolate. The coconut milk is an ideal basis to get a wonderful chocolate taste.


Cookie Dough

Try our Newcomer.
Vegan Cookie Dough with
organic Choco Drops!


Caramel Seasalt

We admit it: this is pure indulgence. A wonderfully rich tasting ice cream with drips of caramel. Can this be Vegan? Yes, it is.


Vanilla Blizz

It is not just an Ice Cr.. it s an Ice Dream! Pure frozen Coconut Milk with organic & original vanillas of the highest quality.

Find us in your country.

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Denn’s (Germany, Austria)
Basic (Germany)
LPG Biomarkt (Germany)
Bio Company (Germany)
Globus (Germany)
Vitalia (Germany)

V-markt (Germany)
Bio Vollcorner (Germany)
Naturalia (France)
BioCoop (France)
Odin (Holland)
Ecoveritas (Spain)

Auchan (Portugal)
Aldi (Portugal)
Kesko (Finland)
Alepa, Prisma (Finland)
Citymarket (Finland)
Silpo (Ukraine)

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