Raw Coconut Water

It all started with our Raw King Coconut Water. We tried it once and we were sold. What a refreshing living taste! That had to be a sign of true love. The taste of the King of Coconuts. And what kind of a king… Ruling over the lush countryside on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, the King Coconut is said to provide the best Isotonic Coconut Water nature has to offer.

When we opened the orange colored nut and slowly saw the water turning pink, we were sold once again. Just one desire remained: to bring this miracle of nature to Europe, with this raw and fresh taste.

True love often taps into extraordinary powers. And here we are: 3 years later Happy Coco! Raw Coconut Water is available in many European countries. And we are still in love.


Raw Coconut Water


Raw Pomegranate Coconut Water

Naturally Isotonic

Coconut Water – Raw & pure isotonic by Nature. It tastes great, and does you well. Raw coconut water is a diamond drink with lots of health benefits. Young coconut water is filled with Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals and Electrolytes.

Happy Coco is Raw

Raw, pure. But also fresh. The real deal. Alive and kicking. Never heated. All the beneficial stuff stays inside: Enzymes, Vitamines, Minerals. Everything that does not belong there stays outside: artificial flavours and ascorbic acid.

Cold Pressed (HPP)

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a cold pasteurization technique. Without this invention the world of Raw juices would look different, and it would not be possible to offer Raw Coconut water with enough shelf life.

Pink and full of life

A little joke from mother nature: Raw coconut water has the tendency to turn naturally pink. From the original transparent color, it slowly turns from a light pink to beautiful pinkish color. Anti-oxidants at work. 


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