Our Story

Every story starts with a strong experience. During our many travels in Asia we kept on coming across a beautiful ritual: an old wooden cart with a pile of coconuts. The knife that expertly cuts the husk. The fresh juice, the laughter of the salesman. A moment of sheer joy.  Our vision was born there. To bring this moment of joy and this great and refreshing taste closer to home. That is how the idea was born. And the name: Happy Coco!

Then the search for the best taste began. We compared the taste of many countries and regions. Some were too sweet for us, other to stale or sour. We like a coconut to taste a bit sweet, but fresh and surprising at the same time. After a lot of searching and comparing, we ended up with the King Coconut from Sri Lanka. Picked at the right time, these nuts have the perfect balance of sweetness and taste.

For us this is how a Raw coconut water should taste like. We are happy to share the love for coconuts with others and stand by a brand that is made with a head and a heart.

Our Team

Our head office is in Amsterdam where the idea of Happy Coco! was born. Our production center is located in Sri Lanka: The home of the King Coconut and the source for our Organic Coconut products. Our center of marketing is Berlin – the city of raw organic ideas and movements within a very creative vegan scene. We are an international team with professional backgrounds in special fields like Food, Marketing, Distribution, Design, Public Relation and Finances. We are united in our passion for Raw Food, all things Coconut and Responsible Business. And in our commitment to do something that we believe in.




Arjuna v.d. Kooij

Brand Development


Alexandra Weston

General Management


Jochen Ebert

Finance / Investors


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