Our Story

It all began with the miracle fruit coconut during our travels in Asia. The water from coconut serves as the perfect refreshment for the tropical heat. Skilled Coconut sellers on the side of the road chop off the top of young green coconuts to provide refreshing water to quench the tropical thirst. But we soon found out the coconut offers much more.

With its great, unique exotic taste and richness of nutritionals the coconut was the perfect ingredient to be used for creating a variety of vegan food products. We are happy to share the love for coconuts with others and stand by a brand that is made with a head and a heart.


Our Mission

Happy Coco was founded by the conviction to bring very tasty vegan and organic dairy alternatives to the market, respecting the global ecosystem by being climate neutral and sustainable. We aim to bring joy by delicious plant-based products and be as much in respect of the natural balance of our planet as possible.

We do not want to limit ourselves to the Coconut only, and also offer products based on other more local ingredients like Oats. We want to create positive impact through a joyful approach to vegan dairy alternatives, and create a happy vegan family of tasty products.


The Happy Team

Our head offices are in Munich and Amsterdam. Our production center is located in Sri Lanka: the home of the King Coconut and the source for our Organic Coconut products.

We are an international team with professional backgrounds in special fields like Food, Marketing, Distribution, Design, Public Relation and Finances.

We are united in our passion for Organic, Plant based and FairFood, all things Coconut and Responsible Business. And in our commitment to do something that we believe in and is aiding society and mother earth.




Arjuna v.d. Kooij

Brand Development


Alexandra Weston

General Management


Jochen Ebert

Finance / Investors


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Biocoop (France)
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