Oat Yoghi!

Oat milk yoghurt. Vegan, organic, gluten-free. Fresh peaches, blueberries, banana mousse... Yummi... makes happy... makes Happy Oats!


Coconut Yoghi!

A vegan yoghurt alternative with pure organic ingredients: coconut milk, fresh fruits and some pure vegan yogurt cultures.


Raw Coconut Water

Pure coconut water? Organic & raw? There we go. This was the start of Happy Coco! We tasted it. We felt in love. And we had an idea...


Coconut Icecream

Icecream made from coconut milk. Organic, free from lactose, soy and gluten. Extra creamy and simply delicious. Try our vegan icecreams.


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LPG-Biomarkt (Germany, Austria)
BasicBio (Germany)
Denn's (Germany, Italy)
Volcorner Bio (Germany)
Biostory (Belgium)
Sequoia (Belgium)
Bio c' Bon (France, Italy)
Biocoop (France)
La Ruche (France)
Le retour a la Terre (France)
Veritas (Spain)
Biofrade (Portugal)
Apolonia (Portugal)
Stockmann (Finland)
K (Finland)
Pure (Finland)