Oat Products

Oats are very versatile product for all kinds of dairy replacements. The Oats are grown in Europe, and deliver an excellent breakfast choice. We use Oat Milk to create a tasty Yogurt alternative, that is a sustainable choice for yogurt lovers. Our oat Yoghis provides a balanced nutriscore for a healthy breakfast or snack experience. Most fruit flavors use the natural sugars of the fruits only for the sweetness. A very healthy choice indeed!


Click on the store name to visit the store:

Denn’s (Germany, Austria)
Basic (Germany)
LPG Biomarkt (Germany)
Bio Company (Germany)
Globus (Germany)
Vitalia (Germany)

V-markt (Germany)
Bio Vollcorner (Germany)
Naturalia (France)
BioCoop (France)
Odin (Holland)
Ecoveritas (Spain)

Auchan (Portugal)
Aldi (Portugal)
Kesko (Finland)
Alepa, Prisma (Finland)
Citymarket (Finland)
Silpo (Ukraine)

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