Happy Oats! Oatmilk Yoghi

Our oat Yoghis provide a balanced nutriscore for a healthy breakfast or snack experience. A very healthy choice indeed!


Happy Oats! Yoghi Natural 350g


Happy Oats! Yoghi Vanilla 350g


Happy Oats! Yoghi Banana Maple 350g

100% vegan. Lactose-free. Gluten free. Delicious.

There are no animal products inside, no milk and no cream.
Just vegan organic oat milk and fruits. Simple, creamy and very tasty!


Click on the store name to visit the store:

Denn’s (Germany, Austria)
Basic (Germany)
LPG Biomarkt (Germany)
Bio Company (Germany)
Globus (Germany)
Vitalia (Germany)

V-markt (Germany)
Bio Vollcorner (Germany)
Naturalia (France)
BioCoop (France)
Odin (Holland)
Ecoveritas (Spain)

Auchan (Portugal)
Aldi (Portugal)
Kesko (Finland)
Alepa, Prisma (Finland)
Citymarket (Finland)
Silpo (Ukraine)

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