The magnificent King Coconut grows in the middle of Sri Lanka. In perfect conditions that guarantee the absolute purity of our coconut water. Just like the orange King Coconut, the green coconuts from which the Coconut Yoghi is produced are 100% certified organic. A secure supply of experienced organic farmers ensures a safe and excellent quality. That means no pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We want to prove ourselves worthy of the wonderful gift that nature offers us there. Therefore, the basics philosophy of Happy Coco is to promote traditional and organic farming, sustainable conditions for people and the environment, and the regeneration of the rainforest through biodiversity and preservation of the original biodiversity of animals and plants. We are still in the beginning, but we want to learn, understand and implement more of our ideals on this journey.



We want our coconuts to grow in a healthy environment. For us, that means not only prohibiting the use of Chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It means promoting Biodiversity. The goal is to create a natural balance of the world's ecosystem, by promoting forest gardens, in which a lot of products are grown in harmony alongside each other, preventing monoculture and soil erosion. In agriculture, one speaks of Biodiversity when growing crops does not disturb the variety of other plants and trees that make up a healthy ecosystem. In Sri Lanka, we try to support a forest garden concept our producer has developed to this effect.

Unnatural interference with the animal and plant populations quickly disrupts the balance. This is happening all around the world on a massive scale, and we all have a shared responsibility to take care of our planet. Producing raw coconut water is a dream that has to be in harmony with the way mother nature is dreaming. This is a dream of diversity and balance, not one of exclusion and monoculture.

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