There is no discussion. All products of Happy Coco are 100% Copyright by Nature. We exist by nature’s grace and her abundance makes Happy Coco possible. We are thankful and amazed by natures gifts and try to honor it with our best effort in making it available in its pure form.

No matter how much we try to shape things to our liking, nature always has the upper hand. She is the original. The mother of all existing forms, tastes, colors, and smells. Our products are made on the basis of this knowledge and gratitude. Our goal as Happy Coco team is to keep it original, free form unnatural additives and pass it on as pure as possible, while at the same time respecting food safety.

This is why it goes without saying our products are Certified Organic. As much as we can we try to support the best conditions for man and nature alike. Part of this is a project for the conservation of forests by promoting biodiversity, so that plants and animals can thrive in their natural habitats.


Compostable Bottle

New Bottle! No Plastik!

At Happy Coco, we strongly support eco-friendly packaging and the reduction of plastic. That is why we have decided to bottle our water in compostable PLA bottles.

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to any type of decision. Going away from plastic is an important step and it is the direction, we choose. After studying all the options, we found out that compostable bottles are the best choice for this intention and we hope it gets adopted on an industrial scale. As soon as available for us, a compostable cap will follow.

We want to develop vegan, natural and very tasty coconut products, avoid plastic and produce as sustainable as possible.

We call it "© by Nature“ and we are looking forward for any kind of support.

Especially yours!


Organic farming

The coconut trees and King Coconuts, from which Happy Coco! products are made, grow on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. They are the source of a coconut water of the highest quality. Organic agriculture and the sustainable processing of coconuts guarantee their purity and naturalness, without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers. Our coconut water and coconut yoghis are certified organic.

When we were trying to come up with the name for our brand, we thought about coconuts that make us happy with their purity. We want coconuts that not only please the taste buds but also please our common sense. Simply because they were grown, harvested and prepared under natural conditions.

The coconut

Up there it hangs... at a high altitude - accessible only to skilled climbers and experienced professionals. It is a real miracle fruit - also called "Superfood".  Nature filled it to the brim with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. The precious juice is encased in a thick hard shell - unattainable for outsiders, so to speak. 

Our fruit hangs from the "tree of the sky", the tropical palm tree - because she loves warm temperatures and a good view over a healthy natural rainforest. And so many products can be made of it: oil, sugar, butter, margarine, vinegar, rasps, insulation, brandy, shampoo, body balm. We chose to make coconut yogurt and coconut water from these organic coconuts. `And we have loads of other ideas in mind. But first, we have to learn how to climb properly.


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