Copyright by Nature

We live on a beautiful planet. Mother earth is providing us with abundance if we live in harmony with it. All our products are 100% copyright by nature. This means that we only use natural organic ingredients, just as nature provides them. We want to be transparent, sustainable, ethical and healthy.

© by nature also naturally means Vegan. A plant based diet has many benefits. It is good for the ecology (if one avoids monocropping), uses up much less water, has a smaller carbon footprint, and aids animal welfare. And it is arguably better for some important aspects of our health.

Happy Coco aims to contribute to a healthy happy planet with healthy happy people.



We feel organic should not be special. It should be the norm. We believe that products that are not organic should be labeled as such.

Our planet only thrives in a balanced eco-system. That is why we believe that organically grown food is only one aspect of a sustainable food supply. We should also take care that we don’t deplete the soil by mono-cropping, or use crops that use up too much water or cause deforestation.

The main ingredients of our products are Coconuts and Oats.  Our organic coconuts grow in Sri Lanka, where we work closely together with a producer that is using the concept of a Forest Garden to grow a variety of crops together (like pepper, Aloe Vera and coconuts), to prevent soil depletion. The organic Oats are grown in Europe, so as locally as possible. And our main far away ingredients like Vanilla, Cacao and Agave are sourced from ethical and sustainable partners.

Fair Sourcing

Coconuts don’t grow in Europe. They naturally grow in countries around the Equator, where fair wages and working conditions are not always guaranteed.


This is why we only buy products that are fairly sourced, and pay a premium price that aids the farmers. The same applies for our Vanilla and Cacao, which are also sourced according to fair trade standards.



Our aim is to have completely sustainable packaging for all of our products. This means ideally that all packaging is compostable, where the elements return to nature without any toxic residue. Our PLA water bottle and label are an example of this.

The second best is biodegradable, which we are proud to say our entire range ice-cream cups are.

And the third best is recyclable with as least plastic as possible. At present our Yogurts Cups are made from PP plastic that can be recycled, fortified by a carton banderole that can be taken off and also be recycled. The plastic we use for the cups are at a minimum, as the strength of the cups is in part provided by the carton banderole.

Our aim is to have our yogurt cups biodegradable or compostable as soon as the industrial development allows it.


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