Coconut Products

We use the coconut miracle fruit for our range of coconut based products. They offer all the benefits of a plant based diet: it is better for the ecology, better for animal welfare, and arguable better for our health.The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) or so-called medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA) found in coconut are said to be better fat then regular saturated fat. MCT or MCFA are rapidly metabolized, giving your body clean fuel to use as energy without causing an insulin spike like carbohydrates. This fat-burning fat attribute, along with coconut’s antiviral properties, are some of the reasons why coconut is often referred to as the king of foods by people in the tropics.

Over 50% of coconut fat is lauric acid. Lauric acid promotes a healthy immune system by protecting the body from infections and viruses with its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Organic and fairly sourced coconut milk is the base ingredient for our range of tasty and creamy Yoghi’s, indulgent desserts and yummy ice-creams. And the isotonic water of the King Cococnut is used for our refreshing raw coconut water.


Fresh, creamy and tasty. We believe that our coconut yoghis deliver a real  yogurt experience,. We use the best quality organic ingredients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: the coconut yoghis are a treat at any time of the day.

Classic range
The natural offers our creamy base that can be used with Muesli, with fruits, simply plain, but also for cooking purposes. The fruit flavors have a touch of Agave nectar to enhance the natural sweetness of the fruits.

Fruit on the bottom
Our FOB range has a lot of fruits on the bottom, with our creamy base on top.  We only use the natural fruit sugars for the sweetness. A healthy choice.


Our Choco dessert delivers an extremely creamy and tasty Choco experience. The combination of coconut milk with the finest cacao is a perfect combination to please the taste buds.


Our coconut based icecreams are simply mouth-watering. We use the finest quality ingredients and a bit of agave nectar for the sweetness. Sheer pleasure in a bio degradable cup.


The raw unheated water from the King Coconut is arguably one of the healthiest and tastiest drinks on the planet. Isotonic by nature, it offers valuable nutrients that replenishes some key minerals our bodies need. Presented it in a compostable bottle made from plants (pla).


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